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Well, you have definitely come to the right place!Picture of Curling Sponge The Curl Sponge— the ultimate online resource for information on the the curling sponge, including the first curling sponge buyers guideWe know you are eager to jump right in, but for those that are new to the idea of this amazing little tool, you can familiarize yourself with a brief look at the history behind the curling sponge.

Unfamiliar with exactly how a curling sponge works? Check out the video below for a quick visual!


If you have never seen one of these sponges in action, you might now be wondering to yourself…

“Should I Buy a Curling Sponge?”

Due to the popularity since its introduction into urban hair, there have been a number of spinoffs of the original hair sponge. Because of the saturation of sponges now available on the market, the quality can range anywhere from near pristine (lasting upwards of a year in more expensive models) to unusable after a few weeks of moderate use. However, due to the cost of trips to the salon and/or barber, no matter how you look at it, a curling sponge will essentially pay for itself after just a couple of uses. The main problem is finding a sponge that will do just that; last more than a couple of uses. It is because of this issue that we have have decided to take it upon ourselves to document our own experiences to eliminate a majority of the legwork for you!

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