7 Reasons You Should Own a Curl Sponge

7 Reasons You Should Own a Curl SpongeQueue the curl sponge; allowing both men and women alike to define and style their curls without chemical processing.

But still it seems that not everyone actually knows all the benefits of using this sponge to handsomely style their hair… yet (which is most likely the reason why everyone and their momma doesn’t already own one).

Quite frankly, if there was a blog post somewhere titled “The Top 10 Life Hacks For Black People” the sponge would easily rankPicture of hair sponge. in the top 5.

Below, we outline 7 amazing ways a curl sponge can enhance your life and make your day-to-day activities 10 times easier.

Already know how it works? Head straight to the Curl Sponge Buyer’s Guide!

1. Natural Sponge Curls are Trending


Simply put, we love this stuff. It’s in our genes somewhere. Black people; we love us some trends!

That being said, have you turned on your television lately? Catch the latest football game? Music awards? More and more black celebrities are sporting the natural sponge curl look!

It got really popular with Usher and the South of France cut. Then, a longer version of the curly hairstyle had Rae Sremmurd telling people to stop flexing. Hell, the look could even be thought of as partly responsible for what gave Nick Young the title of Swaggy P.

The bottom line: natural black hair is trending. And if the celebs ain’t rockin’, it just ain’t poppin’.

2. You’re Tired of Damaging Hair

hair damageLet’s face it. Women love  fashion! And as fashion can be thought of as the totality of an overall look, hair definitely plays a huge factor.

Unfortunately, when it comes to black women, natural hair can be hard to manage at times, especially at shorter lengths. Just the styling of natural black hair can become a part-time job in and of itself.

Black women (and men) have been knowingly damaging their hair for ages by means of excessive heat and extremely damaging chemicals (burning scalp, anyone?) to either loosen their curl pattern or straighten it altogether.

Sure, chemically treated hair might look great for about a week or so. But let’s keep it real for a second. After you have washed your hair for the second or third time and let it dry…

Yea (insert “hot mess” one-liner here).

And we haven’t even begun to talk about when your roots start growing out.

That’s where the sponge comes into play.

It not only gets the fellas looking like a million bucks, the curl sponge is able to transform the ladies and their TWAs into what could be referred to as an instant work of art. 

But there is always that girl that would rather get their hair twisted at the salon.

That brings us to #3.

3. You Like Money

moneyOk, so you already have a head full of luxurious, natural and beautiful black hair. But you don’t need a sponge, because when you aren’t rockin’ rough and stuff with your afro puff, you are sitting in a salon chair getting your hair twisted for the week.

That’s great! I support your decision to keep your hair healthy!

But what does that trip to the salon cost you? Let’s just say that it set you back about $100 (which is a steal in some places).

You could have easily spent 1/10 of that to buy a curl sponge to get some finger coils going on your own.

No need to pay someone to section you off into indiviuals. Once your hair has begun to section out, grab some more of your favorite lock and twist gel and twist it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Who in their right mind is going to say no to an extra $80-$90 in their pocket for about an hour of DIY time?

Not me! I don’t even get paid $25 an hour at my 9-5. Get real with yourself, please!

4. You’ve Thought About Growing dreads

dreadlocksSame case as #1, dreadlocks are also extremely popular in urban culture. You’ve got Lil’ Wayne, Future, Waka, 2 Chainz, Wiz… even uncle Snoop has left his braids back in the LBC.

Come to think of it, they have become so popular that when “Trap Queen” brought Fetty Wap his success, he went out and bought some!

But you still haven’t pulled the trigger because the thought of not washing your hair for eternity gives you anxiety.

Ok. Maybe you can wash your hair. But we all know it ain’t the same!

Well guess what? The sponge can get you a very similar look.

Actually, many dreadlock enthusiast websites and forums will have made mention of sponges to use as a starting point to begin to separate and lock your hair.

In conclusion: If you are ok with never (ever ever) washing your hair again ;-), get a sponge and get those dreadlocks started! If you are not ok with not washing your hair, get a sponge and find a happy medium.

You win either way!

5. Easy Maintenance

maintenenceNormally, when I think maintenance,  I think touchups. And when I think touchups, I begin to envision roots growing out on chemically treated hair.

But for this, let’s keep it natural, shall we?  

There definitely are other natural black hair styles that look just as good as the curls produced by a twist sponge. But when it comes to maintenance, other styles just can’t compete.

For example, think about the men (or ladies) that wear their hair really low? 360 wavers, perhaps?

We are talking hours on hours of brushing (not to mention that nasty forehead line from your durag or wave cap).

But finally, you have got your waves spinning and you are ready for the world to see.

So you go to a party and some random runs up to you yelling “Ohmygahhh! Can I touch it?!”

Before your brain even begins to send that message to tell your lips to let them know how strong your pimp hand is, it happens. Without a care in the world, they rub your hair against the grain.

Now what? Sure, you might have a wave brush with you. But did you also bring your durag ?

Oh, you did? But are you going to put it on and walk around the rest of the night until your hair lays back down? Absolutely not.

Honestly, in 2015, a majority of us wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a durag in public.

What you are going to do: walk around the rest of the night looking like a black Alfalfa.

With a twist sponge, you simply wake up, style, and you’re pretty much good for the remainder of the day; those curls aren’t going anywhere!

Fall asleep waiting for your friends to pick you up, only to wake up to the back of your head looking more flat than curly? No problem.

Gently pull out the flattened hairs with your fingertips, add a little bit of water to the area, and hit it up for a minute with your sponge. And voila, you’re on your way.

Believe it or not, for those who like to stay prepared (or have mild OCD) they actual have smaller “travel” versions of certain sponges that you can easily stash in your center console.

6. A Curl Sponge Will Save You Time

timeWe can get really obnoxious with this one.

How long does it take you to get to the salon or barber? How long does it take them to style? How long to drive back? We could go on and on but let’s try and keep this short.

What can we say about time that we don’t already know?  It’s precious. There isn’t enough of it.

For those working with deadlines, we constantly ask for more of it. Time is so important to us that we sometimes wish we could go back in the past to revisit particular moments. 

Ah, the memories…

Anyway, aside from the trips to the beauty parlor, how long do people spend styling their hair at home? From applying products, to flat irons, to blow dryers, they all consume quite a bit of our lives.

Let’s say that the typical person spends 30 minutes a day from prep to completion (and that’s being modest).

That is equal to roughly 15 hours a month or, 180 hours  that you spend in front of the mirror every year!

When curling with a sponge, only a third of that time is needed, possibly less. There are literally videos on YouTube of people styling with a sponge, start to finish, in under 2 minutes.


7. Save the Children

black-child-badKids, gotta love em! But when it comes time to do their hair in the morning, don’t lie, you cringe.

A typical parent might be trying to brush their hair, braid them up, pick them out, but no. They want to watch cartoons. They want more cereal.

“Momma it hurts!”  

“Daddy, you don’t even know what you’re doing!”

I know. It is physically and mentally draining.

So why not add a sponge to your arsenal and watch those tiresome mornings disappear? And if I haven’t mentioned it already, these sponges do not pull and can be used on the tenderest of heads; kid proof.

But wait, let me run one last scenario by you before you go.

We haven’t discussed the kids that seem to suffer from tonsurephobia; the fear of haircuts (yes, it’s a real thing). Now, whether or not they would be actually be diagnosed with it by a doctor is another story.

But I would love to know, does anyone have a child that has appeared to be fine during the whole car ride to the barber? They make it all the way to the chair, the barber drapes them, and they are all smiles.

But when they hear the clippers turn on they forget how to act; they start crying hysterically, looking like they are caught between having a seizure and trying to crank that nae nae.

It is for this, that I commend you parents for keeping it together and not taking off your belt (in a public setting anyway). Instead, give your kid a mini fro, and “hit ‘em” with the sponge for a couple minutes, and call it a day!

Been considering a curl sponge? As there are a lot of sponges available on the market, you may not be sure where to begin. But we’ve got you covered! Check out the curl sponge buyer’s guide!

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