Where Can I Buy a Curl Sponge?

Picture of curl spongeDespite its stamp of approval from what seems to be like everyone in the natural black hair care community, the question seems to remain…

“Where can I buy a curl sponge?”

Here are our top 3 picks when you want to buy a curl sponge locally.

1. Barbershop

Picture of barber shopIf you think about it, your mom and pop barbershops are the people who really gave the curl sponge its buzz; their customers were a walking marketing tool.

It was these people who walked out of the shops with a style from the sponge that got everybody talking, resulting in effortless referrals for these types of haircuts.

Because of its demand, a majority of these shops have begun to buy curl sponges wholesale to offer to their clients (often at a discounted price).  

These are the places you want to target when interested in a same day purchase of the sponge.

Typically speaking, they will also carry hair products that have been made to work hand in hand with the sponge to produce optimal results!

But just to be on the safe side, it may be in your best interests to call ahead to see if they offer some type of variation of the sponge.

And just for clarification, when we say “barbershop,” do yourself a favor and don’t bother with your haircut chains such as Supercuts or Great Clips. Quite frankly, if you were to ask them if they carried the curl sponge, their response would most likely be, “Huh?”

2. Black Hair Salon

Picture of ladies in hair salonAs we mentioned in our 7 reasons you should own a curl sponge article, all-natural black hair is trending.

Well, it just so happens that trends are what your local black hair salons are all about!

Aside from the sponge in particular, they are going to carry a wide variety of products that can be used in conjunction with your sponge to make sure your curls look their absolute best (not to mention other products that can be used to maintain your hair’s moisture and overall health).

Another perk of salons is the extremely knowledgeable stylists working there.

Have questions about your particular hair type or what you should be doing to keep it at its best? These are the people to ask; they’re the experts, so give them a shot!

Although we found that salons were not as likely to carry them as the barbershops, there were still several that we came across that had them in stock, making them the #2 place to buy a curl sponge.

3. Local Beauty Supply

Picture of products in beauty supply storeComing in at #3 are your local beauty supply stores.

Although we did find a couple locally (SoCal) that offered the sponge, the chances you will be able to buy a curl sponge at a beauty supply store are slim.

It appears that although they do offer plenty of hair care products for black hair, it seems that they still cater to wave/texturizing products and have not yet begun to take advantage of the popularity of the sponge.

We are certain that they will eventually catch on and most likely end up being the number 1 supplier of these types of sponges, but until they do, your best options for local pick up would be #1 and 2 above.


Before making your purchase, be sure to check out the curl sponge buyer’s guide where we list our top 5 sponges and the pros and cons of each!


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