4 Black Men’s Hairstyles That Look Better With a Curl Sponge

Curl Sponge Black Men's HairstyleThere are plenty of natural black men’s hairstyles that look great and extremely fashionable that are currently trending right now. Actually, these hairstyles are so tasteful that even black women rock them!

Although it has already been established how great theses styles look, the truth of the matter is they look even better when styled with a curl sponge. Check out our list below of 4 already stylish hairstyles that look better when you take a sponge to it!

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1. The Classic Taper 

The taper can be said to be one of the most popular haircuts for men around the world.

And why wouldn’t it be?

It gives a subtle, gradually faded appearance on the neckline and temples, giving off a classy and respectable look. Yet, when you walk out of the barber you feel fly as you know what.

Add a curl sponge into the mix…


taper with curl spongetaper

2. The High Fade

Although the taper has the high fade beat in terms of popularity, it is still very neat and polished nonetheless. 

It is, however, probably one of the most sought after haircuts in terms of military service members (salute!) due to the professional appearance of the style.

But with a sponge and 5 minutes of your time, you can definitely take this haircut from standard issue to the frontlines of, well…pimpin’.

high fade with curl spongehigh fade





3. The High Top

90’s culture has been at the forefront of popular trends as of late. With that being said…

What says 90’s like a flat top?

Answer: Aside from Karl Kani Jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger jackets, nothing.

Add a couple of twists with a good ole curl sponge and take that ’93 to infinity.

high top with curl spongeflat top

4. Burst Fade

This cut has burst onto the scene (no pun intended) amidst the introduction to the ever so popular ‘South of France’ hair cut.

It got its name from the way the fade “bursts” out from one particular area in a circular pattern as opposed to the straighter line dynamics of the traditional fade.

But wait! You guessed it! The curl sponge completely transforms this already fresh new look into a head full of amazingness.

burst fade with curl spongeburst fade







Conclusion: Buy a curl sponge and take your already fresh hairstyle to curl level 1000

What black hairstyle do you think looks the best when styling with a curl sponge? Let us know in the comments below!

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