Conditioning Your Curling Sponge

new and old curling sponge

Sure, we all wish our curling sponge would last forever. But it’s inevitable– there will come a time in life where your curl sponge just isn’t curling the way it once did.

You see, after frequent use, your sponge will begin to slowly become saturated with the excess hair product that never made it into your hair. In turn, the sponge’s holes will begin to appear less defined and the precision of its curling abilities will slowly begin to fade away.

But there is good news!

Once those nicely punched holes begin to appear as if they were miniature sinkholes, we simply need to do some conditioning to bring that sponge back to life .

But, if your sponge looks anything like the picture above, do yourself a favor and get a replacement for less than a trip to the drive-thru.

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Follow these super simple steps below to get your sponge back up to par!

Materials needed:

  1. Curling sponge
  2. The bottom of a pen (slightly larger in diameter than current hole size)
  3. Flat surface
  4. 2 functioning hands and wrists

Note: the Blue Nudred curl sponge was used for this tutorial

Step 1

Lay your curling sponge on a flat surface with the holes facing up. Notice how small and undefined the holes are?

curl sponge before conditioning

Step 2

Grab the sponge firmly with your weak hand on one side of the brush (between thumb and forefinger).

before hand

Step 3

On the opposing side of the sponge, take the bottom of your pen and slowly insert into each hole, rotating back and forth before removing. Do this for about half of the holes.


Step 4

Rotate curling sponge and repeat process on remaining holes. 

left hand pen

The End Result

Bigger holes! Now get back to curling!

curling sponge after conditioning





Considering you did your research and bought a sponge that lasted you more than just a few weeks, these steps will give your sponge a midlife facelift.

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