The Best 360 Waves Method: The Megawolf

picture of 360 wavesSo, you want 360 waves. You search the internet and you see not only tons of different methods to obtain your waves, but also tons of products to be used while trying to achieve your head full of wavy goodness.

They mention products such as Luster’s Pink Lotion, carrot cream, olive oil, curl enhancing smoothies, and that’s just naming a few. Some methods will even go as far as to tell you what shampoo and conditioner to use.

But with so many different methods available and the vast amount of different hair products associated with each, how do you know which method is the best? Is one method or combination of products better than the other?

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Well, I have just discovered not only the easiest but also, the quickest way to get your waves spinning. A method I have coined the “Megawolf” because it is based on the “wolfing” process, but it is 10 times better!

But why is the Megawolf method the best?

Because you can grow your hair, style it however you like, and do not have to go for months looking like absolute garbage!

Note: Other methods have been proven to work (with a lot of blood sweat and tears).

The Megawolf method is based on the 2 general principles of the 360 waves. They are as follows:

  1. Waves are simply an area of curly hair that is stretched out, giving the hair a “wavy” and uniform appearance.
  2. For waves to form, your hair has to be long enough.


Based on the above, I came up with the following: regardless of what any of the other wave methods state, if you have curly hair that is long enough to lay down you will be able to get waves immediately.

Surprisingly, I tested the theory without even knowing it and it proved true! Let me explain…

My 360 Waves Journey

For the most part, a good portion of my living years were spent with my hair extremely short, short enough to be considered a shaved head, but long enough to give myself a line up (so not long at all).

During this time, I tried on a couple of occasions to get 360 waves. It took months of “wolfing” and brushing to begin to see my waves. I would get a cut following the 360 waves “pre-cut ritual (yes, they have methods for cutting hair as well) and my waves would pop, but then I would take a shower, and then my wave pattern would either weaken or become next to non-existent (depending on how long I had been wolfing prior to the cut).

“I don’t understand. I followed all of the directions!”

Discouraged and not willing to go another few months with a hairdo similar to that of Chewbacca, I folded and decided to shave my head over, and over again.

About a year or so back, I came across a picture of a natural hairstyle created by means of the curl sponge. So I decided to start growing my hair again.

Now keep in mind, during this growth process I had no intentions of trying to get waves again. Therefore, while growing my hair, all I was doing was shampooing and conditioning every few days. There was no brushing, no applying gels or pomades, and no absolutely no durag.

A couple of months later, my hair was long enough to be styled with a curl sponge and I fell in love with the style! I would get frequent cuts to keep my hair no longer than 2-3 inches as I felt this was the perfect length for my type of hair. This went on for about a year.

As all good things come to an end, I decided to cut my hair and try the waves one last time. But this time around, I did something different.

You see, no matter what method you start with, they all make mention of starting off by cutting all of your existing hair off. They normally suggest using a 1.5 guard with the grain.

But I did the opposite. Why?

I’m a rebel.

The Megawolf 360 Waves Process

To begin, I took out a hard brush and tried to force as much of the 2-3 inches of hair I had to lay down. As you could imagine, I was only somewhat successful, and it looked hideous.

I then took my 4 guard and cut my hair with the grain. It didn’t look much better. So I decided to jump in the shower mid cut to help lay my hair down. So I got in the shower, brushed for a couple minutes under the water and jumped out. When I looked in the mirror I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

Not only, was my hair laying down, but my waves were popping!

Stoked, I pat dried my hair, brushed for a couple more minutes and put on my TsuRag (next level durag). Once my hair was completely dry (about half an hour to an hour later), I removed it and a good majority of the waves were connecting!

I began to brush with my soft brush again for a minute or two and then cut the hair with the 3 guard, again with the grain. We were in business! The waves were amazing. And I got them with zero brushing and zero hair product.

To Sum it up:

  1. Grow your hair to a length of 2 to 3 inches or longer (no brushing necessary.
  2. When you are ready to transition to waves get a hard brush and force as much of your hair to lay down.
  3. Cut with a 4 guard with the grain
  4. Take a shower (or simply wet hair) and continue to brush hair with a soft brush.
  5. Pat hair dry and brush some more
  6. Apply durag and wait about an hour or until hair has fully dried
  7. Remove durag.
  8. Be amazed.
  9. Cut hair with the grain with a number 3.
  10. Be amazed some more.
  11. Taper your hair, line yourself up, and call it a day.

Note: Guards used for cut may vary depending on hair type. Unsure? Ask in the comments section below.

Now, and only now, should you begin brushing your hair to maintain and enhance your waves. There is absolutely no reason to go through months of wolfing and having the nappiest head on the block (unless you have a roughly 4 months of hats laying around).

Questions about the process? Ask me in the comments below! Also, I know I did not mention any of the products I have been using to maintain after the cut, or what types of brushes I use. I hope to put together another post with the products I find to work the best for 360 waves. But in the meantime, if you have questions about a particular durag, brush, or product, please let me know in the comments below! I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible!

5 thoughts on “The Best 360 Waves Method: The Megawolf

  1. I have number #1 cut hair and just started wolfing. Do I continue brushing till the desired hair length is obtained and which pomade hair oil (butter) do you recommend?

  2. If you are doing the megawolf method, you do not need to brush your hair until your hair has grown out and you’re ready to get waves. If you are doing the traditional wolfing method, start brushing now. The type of pomade really varies from hair type to hair type. Extremely coarse hair I’d recommend a strong hold like Murray’s ( For mixed type hair, I would recommend something lighter like Luster’s 360 style (

  3. I would recommend starting with a #3 with the grain. Then, follow the process to lay your hair down. If that does not work, try a #2 with the grain.

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