Curl Sponge Buyer’s Guide!

Best Curl Sponges of 2015: The Results Are In!


Ok, so you want one. But you want the best!

How do you know which one to purchase? Do you want the one with the smaller holes, the one with the bigger holes, or maybe the one that is double sided? Where do you go to find out which one is the best for you?

You go to the best online curl sponge resource. And lucky for you, you’re already here! So let’s get to it!

We have put together a list for you, documenting our picks for the best value curl sponge in 5 different price ranges.

Without further ado, here are the best curl sponges of 2015!

Best $35-$25 Sponge

Nudred – $29.99
Blue Nudred Although this is the most expensive of the bunch, this gem has been known to last upwards of a year (sometimes longer)! In hand, the blue version of the Nudred will feel extremely durable and, simply looks amazing. Definitely a must have for veteran curlers, but will also work wonders for the newbies! They also have a red version of the Nudred that has slightly larger holes, resulting in larger curls. Definitely a quality product! However, at this price (not to be a downer), we feel like there should have been some type of warranty included.

icon-plus-circle Long lasting with a visually pleasing design 

icon-plus-circle Oversized grip makes longer curling sessions comfortable

icon-minus-circle A bit on the pricey side compared to its competitors 

icon-minus-circle No warranty available (14 day refund policy with 20% restocking fee)

Best $25-$15 Sponge

Black Magic Barber Sponge 3 Pack – $15.99 

Picture of Black Magic Barber Sponge 3 Pack

Yes, you are reading this correctly! 3 sponges for half the price of the Nudred! The ultimate try-all! 1 sponge has 10 mm holes (for larger curls), 1 has 9mm holes (for smaller curls), and one is a “wave” sponge (designed to simply add texture or “tease” hair). This set is perfect for people who are new to the idea of  the curl sponge, and considering the price, you cannot beat the value (that’s $5.33 per sponge)! One of these sponges won’t necessarily last as long as the Nudred, but each sponge can easily last anywhere from 3-6 months (maybe a bit more) with moderate use. The overall design does look a bit generic. But based on the low price tag and the fact that it gets the job done, we didn’t necessarily mind.

icon-plus-circle Comes with 3 different sponges  

icon-plus-circle Low price/ extremely high value  

icon-minus-circle Sponge seems a bit soft (lacks durability) 

icon-minus-circle Not the “prettiest” of designs

Best $20-$10 Sponge

Cherir – $14.90 

Picture of Cherir Curl SpongeI know what you’re thinking. How am I now going to show you a single curl sponge that is almost the same price as the Black Magic 3 Pack? I’m glad you asked! For starters, for just about half the price of the Nudred, you’re getting a sponge that has been called “almost identical” by some in terms of quality, durability and design (of the blue Nudred in particular). In fact, the company says that their product is, “…made out of high quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam” to ensure the longevity and ease of use while curling. To top it all off, Cherir offers all buyers a 1 year replacement warranty! Sponge falling apart? Send it in and get yourself a new one! To our knowledge, this is the only sponge that offers such a warranty. Scared to buy a sponge, only to have it fall apart weeks later, then this might be a good sponge to start with!

icon-plus-circle Half the price of Nudred, but comparable quality  

icon-plus-circle 1 year manufacturer warranty 

icon-minus-circle Does not offer different version with bigger holes  

Best $15-$5 Sponge

Perfect Twist – $12.99

Picture of Perfect Twist Curl Sponge

The Perfect Twist curl sponge is a double sided sponge that has one side for more traditional curling and one side for obtaining a more kinkier “twisted” look. Because of the versatility, this could also be a good option for people just starting in the curl game. We do wish the foam felt a bit more strong while in our hands, but it did definitely get the curls going nonetheless. When it comes to the sponge being double sided, we initially thought that it was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, it ended up being a bit bothersome in the end. You see, if using hair product with this sponge (which most people do), once you are ready to try the other side of the sponge, you will then be forced to style holding a sticky sponge that is saturated with hair product. Because of this, it took the rating down a couple of notches in the comfort category. But wait! Although they do not offer a warranty, they do have a 100% money back guarantee! That being said, it might be worth your while to give it a shot (you might wanna stick with one side though)!

icon-plus-circle 100% money back guarantee  

icon-plus-circle Double sided for different styling options  

icon-minus-circle Hands get sticky when switching from one side to the other   

icon-minus-circle Smaller than its competitors (more time to style)

Best $10 and Under Sponge

Fresh Loc – $10

Picture of Fresh Lock Curl Sponge

Coming in at #1 for the $10 and under category is the Fresh Loc. Priced at exactly $10, this sponge can definitely hold its own. The sponge is surprisingly firm, telling us that this sponge will have a much longer lifespan than that of the softer variants. Fresh Loc has also kept with the traditional shape and feel of the more expensive curl sponges to make sure that comfort was not an issue while curling. Although they chose to go with 10mm holes on all models, it does not take away from the fact that it can curl with the best of them! To be completely honest, one of our main (if not only) concerns was with regard to the color scheme the makers of the Fresh Loc decided to use. If this was the battle of the designer curl sponges, the Fresh Loc would come in last, hands down. But in the case of the best bang for your buck, the Fresh Loc could easily compete for the “W” any day of the week!

icon-plus-circle Extremely low price

icon-plus-circle Modeled after the traditional style and durability of more expensive competitors

icon-minus-circle Only has a 10mm model

icon-minus-circle Ugly

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**All prices subject to change and may be slightly cheaper or more expensive after time of this publication.

Have any experience or personal stories you’d like to share about the curl sponges we listed? Are there any sponges you would have liked to see make the list? Join the discussion and let us know in the comments below!

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